Kx selected for AI analytics

Kx, a division of First Derivatives, announces that its Kx technology has been selected by artificial intelligence venture AIM2, to power its machine learning trading applications for developing alpha investment strategies.

AIM2 will leverage the power of Kx in two software applications, AI Trader and AI Analytics. AI trader provides artificial intelligence algorithms to send trading signals for multiple asset class trading and provides market-making functions. AI Analytics is used in conjunction with AI Trader and provides pre-trade and post-trade analytic insights.

Kx technology is widely used in the financial services sector, including by all of the top ten global investment banks, as well as many major hedge funds, exchanges, and financial regulators because of its speed, performance, and reliability in performing complex analytics on extremely large-scale datasets. As machine learning tools begin to enter the financial markets, Kx is expanding its footprint, providing critical database functionality to AI applications.